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Please visit the photo gallery section for pictures of various types of labyrinths

Paths of Peace can create a personalized labyrinth for you, or lead your group in the creative process of designing and/or creating a custom labyrinth

Temporary labyrinths for events, portable labyrinths for indoor use or permanent outdoor installations

Consulting and design services working with individual homeowners, groups, architectural and landscape designers

Indoor and Outdoor permanent labyrinths from personal garden spaces to large corporate installations

Portable canvas labyrinths from 5 feet to 36 feet in diameter, masterfully handcrafted with precision and detail, historic and contemporaty designs custom made to order.

Labyrinth mowing – creating a mown labyrinth for an event or for permanent use

Unique design creations include Circle of Peace™ and Dancing Woman™ designs

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Lisa displaying some of the tools of the trade in creating labyrinths.

Here Lisa is mowing a labyrinth in the lawn of the Minneapolis Convention Center for the Episcopalian Church national meeting.
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