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Labyrinths are ancient patterns, thousands of years old, and found all over the world. Over the centuries, labyrinths have been used by many different societies in many different ways. The story of the evolution of labyrinths is both fascinating and mystical, and is best told by labyrinth historian, Jeff Saward of Essex, England, who has researched labyrinths for many years. For accurate and detailed information on the history of labyrinths, I refer you to Jeff’s website, Labyrinthos.

"A sign of God is that we are led
to a place we did not intend to go.”

This is a perfect description of my labyrinthine journey, and one that is shared by many others. The labyrinth seems to find us, we are led to it and it leads us to places and people we would not otherwise discover.

While labyrinths and mazes have fascinated me all my life, I never expected the transformations I have experienced. My own labyrinth journey has offered the ability for me to blend my art and spiritual life and provide opportunities for others to explore their own spirituality and connectedness. It has led me into churches, schools, prisons, hospitals and other public and private spaces where labyrinths are being used and embraced.

Labyrinth walking can provide a sense of calm that is conducive to meditation, self-exploration and prayer. Though the labyrinth is thousands of years old, these ancient patterns still speak to us today. I believe our culture is so steeped in rapid stimulation, information and technology that we are yearning for places for quiet introspection and release. Labyrinths provide that well of solace where we can go to drink deeply.

Like a labyrinth encounter, I hope that in moving through these pages, from the dancing feet of the Intro page to the 3-Dancing Women ™ on the Contact page, you will also find inspiration, new awareness and be led to a deeper place. In these pages I share ways in which I can assist you on your journey, be it to create a labyrinth of your very own, offer a retreat or workshop to your group, school or organization or provide resources and ideas to inspire you.

You have been led to this place. My hope is that you will discover something here that will surprise and truly delight you.

Welcome to the Paths of Peace. May your journey be richly blessed!

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