Lisa Gidlow Moriarty
Creative Artist/Designer
Spiritual Director
Master labyrinth maker
Certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator
Mediator and Peacekeeping Circle Keeper

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design

Training with Master Labyrinth Maker Robert Ferré of Labyrinth Enterprises and active member of Labyrinth Enterprises Collaborative of labyrinth builders

Advanced labyrinth facilitator training with Dr. Rev. Lauren Artress of Veriditas, Worldwide Labyrinth Project, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Past president and current Midwest Regional Representative of The Labyrinth Society, an international organization

Active member of the Minnesota Labyrinth Network

Spiritual Director certified through Spirations Institute for Interfaith Formation

Former council member and Regional Network Coordinator of Veriditas Current Midwest Regional Representative and Advanced Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

Mediation training through The Mediation Center, St. Paul, MN

Peacekeeping Circle training through Whitehorse Carcross First Nations, Yukon Territory, Canada

International tour leader for spiritual pilgrimages to sacred sites

Creating sacred space for individuals, churches, groups and organizations

Workshops, retreats and presentations on the history and use of labyrinths, Drum and rattle making, using the labyrinth for conflict resolution and problem solving, using labyrinths in prayer and creativity, co-creating labyrinths, providing opportunities for personal transformation.

Lisa creates exquisite hand painted portable canvas labyrinths and both indoor and outdoor permanent labyrinths. She uses both historic replicas and unique contemporary labyrinth designs, including Circle of Peace™, a 7-circuit concentric circle design that blends elements of the ancient classical and medieval or Chartres-like patterns with sacred geometric principles. In collaboration with a school Social Worker, Lisa developed the CrossRoads Problem Solving Labyrinth™, a dual path design that utilized mediation techniques to teach peaceful conflict resolution in schools. Another widely embraced design is the Dancing Woman™, a design inspired by the ancient Baltic Wheel pattern and developed to represent triumph, celebration, compassion, joy and comfort.












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